Building a World of Equal Employment

Eliminating bias and securing the best candidates for promotions and new hires – certified against our standard.

Housed in our user-friendly, intuitive system, that delivers exceptional efficiencies.

The results? Certified equality with diversity and the most suitable people to optimise your business performance.

Why Equal Employer?

We certify businesses that make measured efforts to reduce bias when hiring.

We help employers concentrate on talent and ability alone. Equality, performance, and diversity, are the outcomes of using our process.

  • Publish your certification in commitment to equality
  • Gain efficiencies in hiring
  • Create and manage promotions and hiring all in one place
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to implement and manage
  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • UK support team on the phone and in person

Our Goal

To create a world of Equal Employment. Where candidates know their applications for promotions or recruitment are based on their suitability over anything else. Where Employers can appoint the best candidate against their criteria safe in the knowledge that the decision has been made without bias.

Our Software

Helps employers, to design and deliver an efficient hiring plan. Schedules, scores and communicates on behalf of the Employer. Provides data driven results against the Employers criteria. All the while providing tailored feedback to each applicant at every stage.

Our Motivation

We want to be treated equally and therefore we believe that everybody deserves to be treated equally. To achieve this there has to be a standard... we are that standard. For far too long inequality has hindered our society and economy. We will now make an impactful and sustainable change that accelerates progress in these areas.

Why we are doing this

Even with the best intention, training, and awareness, unconscious bias still affects us all. From the four main areas where bias enters our life: Law, Media, Education and Employment, we are addressing employment.

Human Process

By using a human process with data-driven results, we allow organisations to remain in control, attain the best people on the market, and as a result; create a workforce that is diverse, and representative of the society it operates within.

A Truly Equal Platform

Employers are making huge leaps forward in ethical and inclusive recruitment, Equal Employer now presents an opportunity to go one step further. We seek to balance employment for all demographics and accelerate the period of required change, by creating a truly equal platform for all.

Improve candidate experiences

Applying for a role with an Equal Employer gives candidates automatic feedback on their application, assurance of an ethical process and trust in a fair outcome. If unsuccessful, we explain why, along with advice to help the candidate improve. This improves candidate experience by offering a more constructive and compassionate process, upholding and lifting the reputation of the employer.

Multi-stage applications

Manage all stages of your recruitment process using Equal Employer software. Ensuring the removal of bias at every step in an application

Psychometric Analysis

We are partnering with a leading psychometric provider (Thomas International) to ensure accurate, powerful data is provided for all personality, behavioural, emotional, and aptitude assessments.

All platforms supported

Equal Employer is available for download on iOS and Android mobile devices and can be accessed on the web.

Powerful Administration Features

A wide range of admin features allow you to adapt Equal Employer to your recruitment process.

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